Chocolate, Chilli & Avocado Cake (Vegan)

The return of the Great British Bake Off on my birthday this year was a pretty awesome present from the BBC…I was excited to eye up the new batch of bakers and their creations.  I was also well up for the challenge of baking something I had never tried before.  But most importantly, I knew it would… Continue reading Chocolate, Chilli & Avocado Cake (Vegan)

Vegan Chilli

When people who eat meat are catering for a vegetarian they often make a separate veggie option.  I think they could make life much easier – and healthier – by creating a veggie meal which anyone can enjoy.  Here’s one of my favourites: chilli (not con carne, of course).  The recipe below is more of a guide… Continue reading Vegan Chilli

Tofu, Veg & Coconut Stirfry

As promised, here is the first of a series of recipes featuring plant-based protein.  Shop-bought marinated tofu is becoming widely available but my culinary repertoire was greatly improved when a browse on the Internet came up with a method for making my own (previously seen here).  I usually eat it with salad or a nice veg-packed stir fry.  Read… Continue reading Tofu, Veg & Coconut Stirfry