Chocolate, Chilli & Avocado Cake (Vegan)

The return of the Great British Bake Off on my birthday this year was a pretty awesome present from the BBC…I was excited to eye up the new batch of bakers and their creations.  I was also well up for the challenge of baking something I had never tried before.  But most importantly, I knew it would… Continue reading Chocolate, Chilli & Avocado Cake (Vegan)

Banana and Pecan Cacao Porridge

After a pretty successful Ocsober, I decided to put my willpower even further to the test and aim for a No(sugar)vember, or at least a low sugar November.  As a home baker and chocolate addict, this will be a challenge, but worth it to reduce sugar crashes and cravings.  I passed over the prohibited maple syrup yesterday, and instead added a tsp of cacao powder… Continue reading Banana and Pecan Cacao Porridge

Cashew, Apple and Quinoa Breakfast Cookies

These nutritious, delicious, energy-packed morsels are an adaptation of this Carrot Cake Cookie recipe on  I had all the ingredients to make them this morning – except the eponymous carrots.  No matter: thanks to my housemate’s granddad, we have a giant bowl of garden grown apples to use up, which I supposed would make a suitably sweet alternative.

Vegan Chilli

When people who eat meat are catering for a vegetarian they often make a separate veggie option.  I think they could make life much easier – and healthier – by creating a veggie meal which anyone can enjoy.  Here’s one of my favourites: chilli (not con carne, of course).  The recipe below is more of a guide… Continue reading Vegan Chilli

GBBO Pastry Week: Baked Sweet Potato Samosas

These were an adaptation of Jamie Oliver’s recipe for Baked Veggie Samosas but using gorgeous sweet potato instead of regular spuds.  The recipe appears long and complicated, but is definitely worth the effort – and a good reminder of how much flavour comes from using whole spices rather than the (often ancient) ready ground variety. I consumed mine with… Continue reading GBBO Pastry Week: Baked Sweet Potato Samosas