Petit Canelé

I had never heard of these little French morsels (a speciality of Bordeaux, apparently) until my mum brought me back a silicone petit canelé mould from France.  After sitting in my baking cupboard for over a year, the mould has been dusted off and put to good use for The Great British Bakeoff Semi-Final: Patisserie Week.

Having never made them before, I searched for a classic recipe and went for this one by Michel Roux Jr.

My oven is pretty fierce so I cooked them on a slightly lower heat for about 5 minutes less than it states in his recipe – and doubled the amount of rum to 2 tbsp.  I also poured some of the batter into a silicone cupcake tray as the recipe made three times as much as I needed for the canelé mould itself.   They came out looking like miniature Yorkshire puddings, but tasting like subtly flavoured custard tarts.

They taste quite good on their own (although how authentic, I have yet to ascertain) but I think they would be even better served with cream, ice-cream and tangy fruits or berries.

Bon appétit!

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