Halloween Smoothie

After abstaining from alcohol for most of October, I was extra excited to get involved in some Halloween partying.  Mercifully I escaped without any terribly ghoulish after effects, but I still think my body could do with a bit of TLC as we enter November.  This morning’s smoothie is so called because it is designed to provide a caring… Continue reading Halloween Smoothie

Post-yoga protein smoothie

coconut water mixed frozen berries 1 banana dessert spoon of Hemp Protein Powder Although the green hue of the protein powder is initially disconcerting, the taste is actually fine – mildly nutty and a great way of adding a bit of good quality protein.  The other ingredients provide vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and hydrating electrolytes: perfect after a gentle Sunday morning… Continue reading Post-yoga protein smoothie

Kurdish smoothie

1 banana 1 small avocado A few slices of cucumber A few tablespoons of pro-biotic yoghurt A few glugs of apple juice This is this morning’s variation of a banana and avocado smoothie I first tried in a Kurdish restaurant.  I love the pistachio-green colour and silky tangy-sweet flavour.