Fluffy Wholemeal Pancakes

Fluffy Wholemeal Pancakes It is too dark to see without the lights on (hello, Winter…) so I thought I’d brighten up the morning by getting some yummy pancakes on the go.  This is a more conventional fluffy pancake recipe than the one I tried a few weeks ago (here) but it has still got a peanutty element… Continue reading Fluffy Wholemeal Pancakes

Wholemeal Pancakes

This morning I had a craving for pancakes.  I recently cut out a recipe for peanut butter pancakes from a supermarket food magazine, but couldn’t find it today so made up my own version and served them with stewed apple & cinnamon, live natural yoghurt and maple syrup.  Here’s the recipe if you fancy giving it a go yourself →

Wholemeal Soda Bread

After the success of my first attempt at soda bread, I thought I’d spend this morning experimenting with a wholemeal version.  I occasionally buy Ian Rankin Brown Soda Bread (when it is reduced in price) and my loaf turned out pretty similar – but doesn’t contain the added preservatives, emulsifier and colour of the shop-bought version.  It’s simple to… Continue reading Wholemeal Soda Bread