Petit Canelé

I had never heard of these little French morsels (a speciality of Bordeaux, apparently) until my mum brought me back a silicone petit canelé mould from France.  After sitting in my baking cupboard for over a year, the mould has been dusted off and put to good use for The Great British Bakeoff Semi-Final: Patisserie… Continue reading Petit Canelé

Birthday Bake: Pina Colada Cake mk II

I had a topically tropical themed pre-birthday gathering yesterday (kind of the weather to join in the fun) so had another go at the Pina Colada Cake.  The cake was basically the same, except roughly chopped pineapple rings were used instead of crushed pineapple, which made it more of a feature of the texture – and… Continue reading Birthday Bake: Pina Colada Cake mk II