Banana and Pecan Cacao Porridge

After a pretty successful Ocsober, I decided to put my willpower even further to the test and aim for a No(sugar)vember, or at least a low sugar November.  As a home baker and chocolate addict, this will be a challenge, but worth it to reduce sugar crashes and cravings.  I passed over the prohibited maple syrup yesterday, and instead added a tsp of cacao powder… Continue reading Banana and Pecan Cacao Porridge

Cashew, Apple and Quinoa Breakfast Cookies

These nutritious, delicious, energy-packed morsels are an adaptation of this Carrot Cake Cookie recipe on  I had all the ingredients to make them this morning – except the eponymous carrots.  No matter: thanks to my housemate’s granddad, we have a giant bowl of garden grown apples to use up, which I supposed would make a suitably sweet alternative.

Courgette Porridge or ‘zoats’ (zucchini + oats)

I came across this idea on blog fuelledbyoats and thought, aside from the obvious benefit of getting vegetables into breakfast, it might be a clever way of making porridge lighter and more summery but still warming  (good for this terrible British end of ‘summer’ weather!). I heated one grated courgette (peel on) with a few tablespoons of porridge oats, milk, and honey.… Continue reading Courgette Porridge or ‘zoats’ (zucchini + oats)

Banana bars

100g Wowbutter or peanut butter 3 ripe bananas Egg replacement 1tsp vanilla extract 1tsp dried cinnamon  1tsp baking powder 50g agave syrup Blend above ingredients together, then mix in: 250g oats 5tbs/ 30g sunflower seeds 30g/ handful roughly crushed banana chips Press into lined tin (approx 8″x8″) and bake at fan 150 for around 25… Continue reading Banana bars