Cashew Butter Cookies (V/GF)

These cookies will change your life.  Or at least your healthy baking repertoire. The recipe which follows is based on one for flourless choc chip cookies posted on The Culinary Jumble: this was in turn inspired by a creation on Sally’s Baking Addiction.  Like recipe Chinese Whispers, I have also modified the recipe.  I used a mix of cashew… Continue reading Cashew Butter Cookies (V/GF)

Cashew, Apple and Quinoa Breakfast Cookies

These nutritious, delicious, energy-packed morsels are an adaptation of this Carrot Cake Cookie recipe on  I had all the ingredients to make them this morning – except the eponymous carrots.  No matter: thanks to my housemate’s granddad, we have a giant bowl of garden grown apples to use up, which I supposed would make a suitably sweet alternative.