Wholemeal Soda Bread

After the success of my first attempt at soda bread, I thought I’d spend this morning experimenting with a wholemeal version.  I occasionally buy Ian Rankin Brown Soda Bread (when it is reduced in price) and my loaf turned out pretty similar – but doesn’t contain the added preservatives, emulsifier and colour of the shop-bought version.  It’s simple to… Continue reading Wholemeal Soda Bread

Courgette Porridge or ‘zoats’ (zucchini + oats)

I came across this idea on blog fuelledbyoats and thought, aside from the obvious benefit of getting vegetables into breakfast, it might be a clever way of making porridge lighter and more summery but still warming  (good for this terrible British end of ‘summer’ weather!). I heated one grated courgette (peel on) with a few tablespoons of porridge oats, milk, and honey.… Continue reading Courgette Porridge or ‘zoats’ (zucchini + oats)