Happy World Vegetarian Day!

This year marks twenty years since I became fully vegetarian, after a few failed attempts- the first when I was just five years old.  Being veggie is definitely one of the reasons why I love to cook and have tried to keep myself – and my friends/family/colleagues – nourished with healthy home-cooked food for the past two decades.  I also cite this choice as one of the reasons why I still have to carry ID around, despite the fact I have been able to drink legally in the UK for 16 years (do the maths 😆).  Since the mid-90s the number of vegetarians I know has multiplied – as has the number who consciously reduce their meat and fish consumption.  The availability of GOOD vegetarian and vegan options has dramatically increased, as has the availability of satisfying recipes which anyone could enjoy.  My current concern is for more dining-out options which don’t rely on eggs and cheese for protein content.  I am not a vegan but, like those who are not veggie but eat less meat, do like to go dairy-free at times.  There are also only so many goats cheese tarts one can consume without losing the will to live.  So, whether you are meat-free, meat-reducing or just having a vegetarian for dinner (to feed that is, not to eat) some more plant-based protein recipes should be appearing in this blog soon… Here’s one for Veg, Tofu & Coconut Stir Fry for starters 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy World Vegetarian Day!

  1. 22 years as a veggie, 2 kids, exactly halfway to 70 and I still get asked for ID. Definitely something in it. Things have definitely come a long way from limited options of beanfeasts’ and nut roasts!

    1. Well done you 🙂 Things have come such a long way, yet there are still some ‘caterers’ out there who think that an appropriate veggie alternative to a roast dinner is cannelloni or stuffed peppers with a few roast potatoes on the side. No! Just no!

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