Bake Off Birthday ‘Bounty’ Biscuits

It’s Bake Off week number two, the theme is biscuits, my host is a birthday boy and as much as I am tempted to go for these Nigella-inspired triple chocolate cookie classics I want to challenge myself to something new.  It’s also summer and – despite the weather – I am feeling rather tropical.  These Bounty Biscuits (aka ‘gluten free chocolate and coconut creations’) are born.  The recipe seems long but the baking time for each element is fairly short – the hardest thing is waiting for the chocolate to set ready for them to eat.

Bounty Biscuits
Bounty Biscuits


Step 1: make mini coconut macaroons

I used the Nigella Lawson coconut macaroon recipe but instead of shredded coconut I used desiccated coconut mixed with half a cup of coconut water to re-hydrate it slightly.  I kept my macaroons nice and small, making around 40 in all, and cooked them on a slightly lower temperature than stated in the recipe, checking regularly to ensure they didn’t go too brown.  After around 18 minutes I took them out and left them to cool on the tray, before removing gently from the paper. They taste just like the inside of a Bounty bar when done – yum!

Step 2: make the gluten-free chocolate cookies

I found this recipe on the back of a packet of Tiana coconut flour, but kept my cookies smaller so made around 25 in all. For a uniform shape and size, the mix is probably best piped onto a lined baking tray.  However, I don’t mind the rustic look so just dropped small spoonfuls onto the paper and used a wet fork to gently flatten them out.  These can easily burn so it’s really important that you check before the end of the cooking time.  Mine were small so were ready in 10 mins, left to cool on the tray for another 10 and then gently taken off the paper to cool completely on a wire rack.

Step 3: melt chocolate and assemble

I melted about 200g of a mix of 90% cocoa chocolate, milk chocolate and dark cooking chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water.  Each cookie was dipped in the chocolate then placed back on the wire rack.  I popped a macaroon on the top of each biscuit then drizzled more chocolate over the top before placing them into the fridge to set.  I have kept them refrigerated to stop the chocolate from melting and this has given the biscuit a more moist, truffly texture: a bonus in my book.


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