Mayo in minutes!

I am rarely put off eating any kind of food, but scanning the label of a jar or mayonnaise earlier, I couldn’t bring myself to put it in my basket.  Put off by the (long)  list of unappealing, synthetic sounding ingredients – and despite being tired from a long, travel-filled working day, I resolved to head home and make my own.

I was anxious, but had faith that Deliah (patron saint of fairly fool-proof but complicated-sounding recipes) would show me the way.  I headed straight for my copy of ‘Vegetarian Collection’ where I found the answer to my prayers: a recipe which helped me make lovely home-made mayo in minutes.

As it was a last minute decision I did have to substitute the mustard powder for actual mustard but it still worked, and transformed some left-over potatoes into an apt accompaniment to minty three bean salad (shop-bought) with tomatoes and cucumber.

Looking forward to using the left over whites in an omelette for tomorrow’s breakfast 🙂


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