First words

I decided to burn the words, one day.  Not in a literal conflagration but, rather, through the destruction of (almost) everything I had ever written with the intention of it being read by someone else.  I scrumpled and tore, ripped and recycled.  I did this because I didn’t think I would – or could, or should – ever make them public; and, as long as the words were just with me, I was haunted by their presence.  Getting rid of them would, I thought, exorcise their ghosts. 

I was forgetting, of course, that words are mere symbols.  We can erase their letters or burn the paper on which they lie; but the ideas,meditations, narratives and characters they communicate to us survive, clamouring to be heard. 

In starting this blog I hope to give mine back their voice; whilst celebrating words, the world, and all they give us.



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